Natures Crown has proudly partnered with herbalists, farmers, & artisans for over 10 years.

There was a time where we would visit the neighborhood medicine man/woman who used herbs as a way to improve our health. It was important to have access to a source that took pride in creating authentic products by using the ingredients that nature naturally provides. Natures Crown International honors those local farmers, medicine men/women, herbalists, alchemists, shamans etc. that personally create natural goods, medicinal products, and more to help restore that body back into balance and harmony. We create local, national, and international relationships  to ensure product authenticity as well ensuring ingredients derive from trusted and ethically sourced origins.


Featured items created by our local and international craftsmen/women

Herbal Supplements


Our featured product of the month comes from  the villages in Ghana. This powerful duo has had serious impact on autoimmune diseases, sexual health, organ health, and more.

7 Doctors+ is comprised of over 13 different medicinal herbs that aide infection, sterility, and serves as a tonic.This set of capsules used in conjunction with the first 1 will serve as a sustainer and booster.  This also contributes to cleansing the blood, balancing of hormones, and ridding the body of mucous.

7 Doctors Is an awesome sustainer. While your body is fighting infections and releasing toxins this serves as an aide in  “resetting” your system. This can also be used solo for general maintenance during a cleans or detox.

*Limited Supply

Steams, Baths, & Teas


This months handcrafted blend is an aide to assist in afterbirth care. Although the vagina naturally heals itself these herbs serve as an accomplice in tightening, toning, and hormonal restoration. As with over 90% of our products, our blends are made with certified organic and authentically organic ingredients.